Exogal Comet Linear Power Supply

Welcome to my site. Here is where I offer my proprietary power supply for your wonderful Exogal Comet DAC. This is the only unregulated linear power supply for the Comet, but not a simple one. I sell them at 350 Euros and handbuilt them personally using quality components. I sell them to recoup its developing costs and create a community of hopefully happy owners.


Typical Output Noise:

<0,05% (20Hz and above)

Mains voltage:

220-240VAC or 110-120VAC, 50Hz or 60Hz

Output current:

2A max. continuous

Dimensions metal box:

22x16.5x5.1cm (8.66x6.5x2 inch)



Frequently Asked Questions

Please find your answers here or contact us.

How will I notice the difference?

Power supply high frequency noise affects the soundstage and resolution of the Comet. With lower supply noise the soundstage becomes wider and deeper and for example voices are presented with much more detail.

The breathing of a singer that is on the recording is now much more audible. A choir is positioned at a more plausible distance and individual singers can be better distinguished. Whether a singer is standing in front of the piano or sitting behind it is now easy to tell.

Also regulated supplies tend to limit the dynamics within the music. The Power2Analog supply is unregulated but still offers extremely good high frequency noise suppression.

Regulated supplies often use some sort of feedback to tightly control the output voltage. Feedback is known to cause transient distortion. The Power2Analog supply does not use feedback.

What do I exactly get?

You get a low noise unregulated power supply that filters most incoming wide band noise from the mains. The mains can carry lots of noise originating from nearby computers, air conditioning units, solar panel inverters, switching-mode power supplies, wifi-routers or for example light dimmers and fluorescent light bulbs.

The electronics of the power supply are based on a proprietary circuit that filters practically all wide band noise from the mains very effectively to create the cleanest DC output. The circuit uses active components, but no sound affecting feedback. The output noise is very low for an unregulated supply and consists mainly of 1/f noise. The enclosure is a nice metal one and the cable to the DAC has excellent shielding.

You get your supply assembled with 3 years warranty and safe transport to your door. Ready for use. Options are silver or black cabinet, mains voltage 220-240VAC or 110-120VAC, DC output cable with a length of 0,6m, 1m or 2m.

Why do I need another supply?

The Comet is excellent value and it can challenge many much more expensive DACs. The thing is however that the standard power supply that comes with it is utterly useless. It is a real cheap switching-mode power supply (SMPS), costing less than 20 Euros on internet. No wonder that the guys from Exogal came up with an upgraded power supply. This upgraded supply surprisingly is still a SMPS with added analog filtering. The problem with all SMPS is that they:

• emit radiation of (very) high frequencies into the air which can be picked up by sensitive audio equipment, depending on the presence and effectiveness of internal shielding.
• will have many (very) high frequency signal components on its output that connects to the Comet, affecting strongly the sound quality of your wonderful DAC.

The Power2Analog supply is not an SMPS type of supply but linear, meaning that no high frequency signal components are generated at all and moreover it offers a proprietary filtering technique to eliminate any high frequency noise coming from the mains.

What do I pay?

The power supply for the Comet is 350 euros, for all mains voltages, both cabinet colors and independent of your selection of the DC output cable length. The shipping costs should be added to this price:

• Western Europe: 18 Euros (including track and trace).
• Rest of the world: 30 Euros (including track and trace).

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