All products purchased new from Power2Analog are covered by a transferable, limited 3-year warranty. Marks or scratches on the housing of the power supply are excluded from warranty. This warranty includes all parts and labor charges incurred at the factory, exclusive of any subsequent or consequential damages. Damage due to physical abuse is specifically excluded under this warranty.

For this warranty to apply the customer is responsible for returning the product unmodified to the factory within the specified warranty period. The customer assumes all responsibility for shipping and insurance to and from the factory. The conditions and stipulations of this Power2Analog warranty only applies to units originally sold new through the Power2Analog.com website. Warranty on factory repair is 60 days and covers only the scope of the original repair.

Any modifications to Power2Analog products that have not received written factory approval nullify all claims and void all provisions of the warranty and liability by the maker or authorized distributor. Should a modified product be returned to the factory for repair the owner will be required to pay all necessary charges for the repair in addition to those charges required to return the product to its original configuration.

In the case of safety issues, no product shall be returned to the customer without those safety issues being corrected to the most recent accepted standards.

Removal or alteration of original Power2Analog serial numbers voids the factory warranty. Products with altered or missing serial numbers will be suspect as counterfeit or stolen product.

Power2Analog will not repair or in any way indemnify any counterfeit or cloned product.